Updates on contracts of employment

As of 6 April 2020, anyone legally classed as an employee or worker (including agency workers and those on zero hours contracts) had the right to a written document summarising the main terms of their employment. This must be provided on or before their first day of employment.

The legal term for this document is the ‘written statement of employment particulars’. It includes:

• the employer’s name
• the employee or worker’s name
• the start date (the day the employee or worker starts work)
• the date that ‘continuous employment’ (working for the same employer without a significant break) started for an employee
• job title, or a brief description of the job
• the employer’s address
• the places or addresses where the employee or worker will work
• pay, including how often and when (for example, £1,000 per month, paid on the last Friday of the calendar month)
• working hours, including which days the employee or worker must work and if and how their hours or days can change
• holiday and holiday pay, including an explanation of how its calculated if the employee or worker leaves
• the amount of sick leave and pay (if this information is not included in the document, the employer must state where to find it)
• any other paid leave (if this information is not included in the document, the employer must state where to find it)
• any other benefits, including non-contractual benefits such as childcare vouchers or company car schemes
• the notice period either side must give when employment ends
• how long the job is expected to last (if it’s temporary or fixed term)
• any probation period, including its conditions and how long it is
• if the employee will work abroad, and any terms that apply
• training that must be completed by the employee or worker, including training the employer does not pay for

Employers do not need to update contracts of employment / statements of particulars for individuals who started employment before April 2020.

However, now would be a great time to review your contracts and make sure they comply with the legislation.


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