Making the hard tackle

Dealing with tricky employees.

Many years ago, strange as it may new seem, I played rugby. Being somewhat shorter and more rotund than many of the team it fell to me to play in the position of hooker – right in the middle of the scrum. Bizarre as it might sound that experience really does have a direct correlation to a lot of what I now do for a living.

As someone who is often called upon to help deal with difficult staffing issues, one of the most important things I leant in rugby, is to not flinch from a tough tackle. It might seem that it’s really going to cause you pain, but if you commit wholeheartedly to a course of action you almost invariably get a better result than trying to avoid the issue.

Rugby taught me that not being committed usually meant I would come off worst. With difficult employees ignoring them or allowing them to get away with things is ultimately going to cause more problems in the long run. If you have a staff issue – due to attitude or ability – dealing with it quickly will get you a much, much better outcome than ducking the problem. It may be uncomfortable, something you would rather put off, but dealing with it professionaly and promptly is the right way to get the problem sorted out.

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