Difficult Conversations (Part 3) Induction

Avoid difficult conversations in the future by having a carefully planned induction for new staff.

When thinking about the need to avoid ending up with employee problems, a key factor is what happens when they start. Those early days are vital to get right as they often set up how a member of staff will feel about the business they have joined.

Not least, this is the right time to ensure that you start as you mean to go on and make certain that every employee has a really clear idea about their job. Don’t leave this to chance and assume that people will pick things up. They often won’t. It’s not unknown for new staff to be too nervous to ask key questions about working practices or company policy. Months later it can be awful to discover that the shining star you brought into your business is on their way out due to frustrations over lack of information or understanding.

The ideal approach is simple – plan it! Draw up a list of the things each new employee needs to know and then decide who is going to tell them and when. This can last a day or a month – all depending on the complexity of the job role. The make sure everyone involved knows what is going to happen, including the new starter. If each and every person has a copy of the induction plan then the chances of success are multiplied.

So, make sure every new employee is treated with respect and gets the clarity you need them to have in their new job. Ultimately it avoids lots of problems down the line and helps staff to become productive as soon as possible!


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